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There is no rule for food combination. You can combine anything just be able to eat it o *winks*. I cannot eat a meal without at least combining it with something- either another food, fruit or even snacks, the thing just dey sweet me for body. The extent to which you can combine your meals is up to you, what might be very irritating to you could end up being very tasty to someone. These combinations are very popular among students in tertiary institutions or if you are just flat out broke. I have tried some of these combinations, heard about a few of them or even seen a friend trying them out.

1) White Rice and Vegetable soup:

This is my go to meal when I get tired of white rice and stew.The only soup I have tried with white rice is either vegetable soup or peppersoup. Other combinations with white rice are with Afang soup- when there is leftover rice and Afang, fisherman soup,ogbono, egusi soup, etc.

2)Peppersoup and bread: Funny enough this meal is found on some restaurants menu.


3) Bread and Campus Nutella: The nutella is made by mixing cowbell chocolate with at least 2 drops of water. This is to make the cowbell paste very thick so you can spread on the bread.

4) Spaghetti and Beans:


I recently discovered this combination in a canteen at UNIUYO permsite and since then I’ve eaten it as breakfast whenever it is available.

4) Jollof rice and Bread

5)Fufu and pepper sauce

6) Eba/ Fufu/ Amala with stew: This depends on the kind of stew .

N/B: The stew should not be slappy ( the taste of stew that is not properly fried). This combination is nice if there is minced meat or fish in the stew.

7)Cassava Flakes with Cowbell chocolate, Biscuit and Groundnut: This garri is bae. To enjoy the meal I use iced water. I once had a brand of cheeseballs that was tasteless , I mixed the cheesballs with my cassava flakes and I kid you not it was MUAH .

8)Eba and Beans

9) Indomie, Bread and Beans

10) Pap and Plantain

11) Roasted Corn and Coconut

PHOTOCREDIT: Accelerate tv

12) Roasted Plantain (Bole) and Groundnut

PHOTOCREDIT: Accelerate tv

I would love to hear from you if you have tried any of these combinations and any other food combinations you have tried that I did not list above.

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