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#SGIT4 My Favourite Nigerian Web Series, Skinny Girl In Transit Is Done With Season 4!

Nooooo, my Fridays won’t be the same again, no more skinny girl in transit weekly updates.

Seriously I don’t know why Ndani TV is playing rough with me!! How can episode 12 be the season finale😢😢…. I need more episodes, abeg let them leak an extra episode and blame hackers .

Yesterday, Ndani TV released the season finale of their hit show, skinny girl in transit! Please don’t tell me you haven’t heard of skinny girls in transit.😱


For those who are not familiar with the show, skinny girl in transit is a Nigerian web series based on a plus-sized lady Tiwalade, her struggles with being plus size and the Nigerian drama of “finding a husband”.

This season finale had me crying then smiling and crying some more. Where should I even start from? Was it the faint from our drama queen Mama Tiwa , the scene when Mide told Tiwa “don’t ever kiss anyone like this again!”( I literally died ) when he forgave her from after the Fabrice drama , or when Didi told Tiwa “your wig nko” when Tiwa was about to go to Mide’s house with her cornrows.

The cast deserve an Oscar award…the acting was believable, perfect and true.

Season 5 should not be canceled ooh, like the norm for Nigerian web series ( who remembers Gidi up and Rumour has it) where they would make us so excited and engrossed in the show, only to hear it has been canceled. Someone should that I have hot temper ooh😂.

#Tiwamide2018; the hottest on screen couple in the history of on screen couples😜

I followed Tiwa to scream when I saw the ring….. This scene was my biggest surprise in this episode.

Mama Tiwalade…our typical Nigerian mother.

I have already made plans to buy my asoebi which has to be Gtbank orange and YouTube red( which colours were you expecting) so they had better start making season 5 so I can buy my asoebi. Lol.

You can watch Skinny girl in transit on Youtube @Ndanitv

This post is specially dedicated to all who are in search of true love. May we all find love!!.

Are you a fan of Skinny Girl In Transit or any other Nigerian TV series? Tell me in the comment box. You could also suggest movies you would love me to review.

Rachel Ebuh😘

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