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Help!!! What should I eat during a Fast

My church started our 21 days fast on Monday and I decided to join the new year fast.

This is my first fast and IT IS NOT EASY!!!

For people who are not aware of what a fast is, I would explain it very simple. Fasting is a time when you abstain from eating food ( it depends on the type of fasting) and pray ,it connects you to God.

When fasting you need to keep yourself nutritionally in check and make sure you are getting your daily nutrients from different sources.

However, the choice of what to eat and drink is largely up to you, as well as the rules of any religious exercise you may be following.

This 21 days fast I personally decided to take just fluids till I break the fast.

  • Tea:

You can’t add sugar, milk or any or any other sweetener. You have to drink it plain.

  • Water:

There’s a phrase I learnt in primary school ‘ Water is Life’ . Therefore, avoiding water for 21 days can be very dangerous because our body needs water to stay hydrated, so not taking water could result in health problems, including brain swelling, heat stroke, seizures, kidney failure and even death.
Dr. Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ International recommends adding lemon juice and maple syrup to your to your water for a dose of energy and flavor. You also can boil vegetables in water, remove them and then drink what is left. This mixture contains some nutrients and gives your water some flavor.

  • Juice :

Juice is not calorie-free and would not fit into some people’s fasting program. I chose to add juice because they contain vitamins A and C, potassium and iron and offer the body energy to get through our fast. They also provide you something to put in your mouth, motivating you to complete your fast.
For a fast, I suggest making your own fruit juice by simply blending the fruit of your choice or check HERE for some choices on what to make.

These are what I am taking currently as I undergo my fast. I would love to read what you take during a fast in the comment section.


Rachel Ebuh.

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10 thoughts on “Help!!! What should I eat during a Fast

  1. Hey. I have done the Daniel Fast in the past, where we slowly eliminate certain foods/entertainment each week. The first week we eliminated sugar, then the second week we eliminated entertainment, then the third week we eliminated eating meat, then the last week we only had liquids, and this was all cumulative. I believe this is a great introduction to fasting for newbies, as one is not eliminating (and potentially shocking) the body all at once. However, there are many ways one can do a Daniel Fast/fast in general. This year I am fasting from media (ex: YouTube, Netflix, TV) because I have noticed how much time I waste watching them. And if I’m watching these forms of media, I’m normally getting less sleep. Less sleep makes me less productive and more susceptible to temptations and traps. Praying for strength for everyone fasting this month.

  2. Also wanted to add that everyone has to access what is best for them. If someone is more active, drinking liquids only might not be a good idea. But if you adjust your activity, perhaps this might work. Thanks again.

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