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10 Appealing African Vegan Meals

My sister does not eat fish or any form of meat but she takes egg. To get on her nerves at times, I jokingly call her a vegetarian and she argues that she cannot be a vegetarian because the meals are mostly boring, expensive and largely consist of green vegetables….lol, I don’t know how she got that mentality.

These 10 meals listed below are just a few examples of African dishes that can be classified as vegan dishes and are also appetizing.

  • South African Chakalaka –

photocredit: immaculatebites

I first heard about Chakalaka from Blogger & Youtuber Sisiyemmie . This meal is very easy to make and the main ingredient is carrot. >>>RECIPE HERE.

  • Akara ( Beans cake)

You must have heard about Akara from my older post ( click HERE to read). Akara is so delicious I don’t think there’s a Nigerian that hasn’t tried this food and loved it. It my go to breakfast and I usually take it with bread in the form of a burger or with Ogi.

  • Nigerian puff puff –

This snack is popular because of of its sweet taste and how soft the snack is when eaten.

  • Vegan Jollof Rice


There are many variations of this meal across Africa.

  • Groundnut soup –


This West African dish I’d made from raw or roasted groundnut, tomatoes, onions, spices and oil cooked over low heat. It can be eaten with potatoes, Eba/Fufu and rice.

  • Yam and Eggs –


This is a common traditional Nigerian breakfast dish.

  • Shakshuka –


This is a Tunisia dish that consists of poached egg in simmering stew, chilli pepper, onions and spices.

  • Plantain Bread

Africans loveeee plantain . If you have overly ripe plantains, it can be converted to bread or cake simply.

  • African Stewed Black-eyed beans –


Instead of the traditional palm oil in making beans, tomato stew is used.

  • Ethiopian Spiced Red Lentis –


Which other African meals do you know that are vegan dishes? I would love to read your comments .


Rachel Ebuh.

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