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Challenges of being a food blogger in university

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Looking back at when I started Pinch of Chel, I remember that I had no plan, I was just going along with the flow. All I knew was that I wanted to blog about food so that’s what I did. I thought food blogging involved me just cooking food, snapping pictures and writing – which is my best part, the jotting down of my thoughts. ( My first post😂, check HERE). When I had my first view and comment on the blog, there was a thrill that came with me knowing that my blog was being read by people. So I started small publicity by sharing Pinch of Chel on all social media platforms I was on. Initially I was shy and I am still shy but I just have to do this publicity so that people would remember my blog . There came the hard part that I’m still trying to grasp; back linking, SEO, connecting with other bloggers, making worthy contents,etc. For this post, I have compiled some challenges I have encountered being a food blogger who is still trying to get her degree.

  • Time Management:

Pinch of chel

This has always been my number 1 problem – balancing school and blogging. When I started, I did not consider the fact that first I am a STUDENT before I am a food blogger. Making out time to create contents and still catch up with school work is so not easy.

  • Internet:

This is my main problem of blogging, no data. You might be wondering ” I thought you’re a student, what of your school WiFi?” Unfortunately, my university WiFi sucks, it’s as good as us having no WiFi. There’s literally no way I can connect to it for WhatsApp talk less of me uploading a post.

  • Money money money:

As a college food blogger, money is necessary. Although a majority of your money goes to your school upkeep, a little ókók has to be kept aside to buy food stuffs and create recipes- it does not necessarily have to be fancy recipes. Money is also needed for data subscription. If I had spare cash, don’t you think I’d be uploading posts at my due date. I’m honestly tired right now of waiting for night bundle at 12am. I return from school very tired and stressed out. Jejely, I put my alarm and sleep expecting to wake up by 12 for night bundle and I end up waking up the next day not hearing my alarm at all🤦🏽.

  • Content creation: As a college food blogger, there’s very little creativity you can do especially if you live in a hostel where cooking is prohibited. So most of my cooking posts are achieved at home during the semester break or late at night when the school porters are asleep. And taking picture at night result s in low quality images.
  • Food Inspiration:

To be a food blogger, you need to make yummy mouthwatering meals. School stress and running up and down to make corrections to my project and seminar work has just made me lose the inspiration to cook . All I do at the moment is either I eat at the canteen( should i make a post on what I eat at school canteen)or buy I junk food.

Are you a blogger or do you own an online platform? I’d love to know some of the challenges you face to maintain the site especially if you are a student.

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8 thoughts on “Challenges of being a food blogger in university

  1. I think every “upcoming” blogger struggles with most of the points you raised especially when you’re a student or don’t have a job yet.
    I think my biggest challenge right now would be time management and unlimited data. Lol! When you’re a blogger, data is life!

  2. Hello. First time here. I saw the title of your post and I knew I would love it.
    I’m a final year student and I run a literary and lifestyle blog. Most of your points are the same as mine. These days, my major preoccupation is balancing my twice a week posting schedule with other responsibilities. Boy, is it a job!
    Well done over here.

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