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Chowberry: An App That Feeds Nigeria’s Poor


Oscar Ekponimo, a Nigerian Software Engineer invented a web app that improves the accessibility of food and also reduces the price of food for the poor. He is feeding several Nigerians through this web app ‘Chowberry’.
Chowberry notifies retailers when their food items are almost expiring so they can put a discount on the item. This discount allows Non-Governmental Organizations ( NGOs) to distribute the food items to needy people.
The app connects supermarkets to NGOs and finally to low-income earners, allowing them to buy food that’s about to expire at a discount.
The discounts, which can reach up to 75 percent, increase as the food items sell-by date approaches.
According to the World Food Programme, Nigeria is a ‘food deficit’ country, meaning that it cannot provide enough food for its population.
In 2016, the UN revealed 14 million in the northeast of Nigeria need urgent humanitarian assistance because of the ongoing Boko Haram conflict and warned that 75,000 children could starve to death in months.

With the aid of Chowberry, food wastage is highly managed and the problem of food shortage is taken care of.
Ekponimo has won a Rolex Award for Enterprise for his work and has hopes to expand.
“It’s been a wonderful journey,” he said. “We’re expanding our work and working on scaling to other parts of the country and to other regions and possibly replicating it in other parts of the world.”

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