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How To Parboil(Pre-cook) Rice The Nigerian Way.


Rice is by far the most consumed food in my house, it was therefore one of the first things I learnt how to prepare.

I grew up to see my mom parboil her rice but it took me entering university hostel to actually practice it.

The idea of cooking rice in water for 10 minutes and rinsing it in cold water before the actual and final cooking of the rice sounded a little absurd to me. Also, the reason of parboiling to reduce the starch content of rice did not really change my mind since our ‘Nigerian rice’ already comes parboiled from the industry.

What finally won me over was the added benefits parboiling does to a recipe.

  1. Parboiling ensures that your Jollof Rice does not burn before it is cooked. This eliminates the cardboard taste associated with undone Jollof.
  2. It allows the rice absorb ingredients and spices easily without being soggy.
  3. It prevents your rice grains from sticking together when cooked ( i.e gum gum rice).
  4. Since parboiling softens rice, the tamato paste for Jollof rice will not be greatly consumed. It is economical.

How to Parboil Rice:

  • Boil water in a pot. The water quantity should be twice the level of rice.
  • Wash the rice in cold water and pour into your pot.
  • Leave to cook for 5 minutes. If the rice grain is still hard and can’t break into half, let it boil a little longer.
  • Drain the hot water from the rice using a colander or sieve.
  • Rinse the rice with cold water about 2 times or until the water is clear.
  • Leave in the sieve to drain all the water.


  • Your rice is now ready to be cooked again.

Now that you know how to parboil rice and the added benefits to a recipe.

Next recipe would be rice recipes from parboiled rice.

With love,

Pinch of chel.

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