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10 Crafts You Can Learn During Your Free Time

Hello guys, happy last day of November!

I am actually not surprised that the ASUU strike has not been called off yet but rather I am SAD!

Trust Nigerian public universities to allow a four (4) year course extend more than the years allocated for that course.

We project students that have not yet defended, O.Y.O (On Your Own) is our case.

During this free time on our hands as students, I have compiled a list of crafts people can actually learn which could earn them money as they wait for the strike to be called off.

1. Papier Mache:


If you are an artist or interested in creativity, you can delve into this field.
It involves creating a hard material from paper to cover various surfaces. Various sculptures, fruit bowls, puppets, dolls and lots more can be made from papier mache.

2. Photography:


There is no better time to learn the craft of photography than this period.

3. Baking:


Baking? How would you benefit from it? Actually, after learning baking, you can start small and market to your immediate family and friends. Before you know it, this person would tell that person who would tell another person. Voila, you would have orders to bake from left, right and center.

4. Sewing


Sewing is an important craft you need to learn. You can save a small amount of money by fastening your buttons or resizing your clothes yourselves. When you get the required knowledge of sewing, you can try out a million and one things! The list is not limited… could be a bag, a dress, a shoe.

5. Dancing:


If you have two left feet and can not dance to save yourself, this is the best time to learn how to dance.



This is the art of decorating wood or other materials with burn marks.

7. Cooking:


If you have never cooked any thing more than frying an egg or boiling water- for those that consider ‘boiling water’ cooking, this period you can visit several food blogs or food Youtubers to learn how to cook various dishes.

8. Making Soap/ Bath Products


There’s nothing like having a refreshing bath and smelling good after. Soaps and bath products are popular, especially if they’re created for to solve a skin problem and made from various essential oils. You can learn how to get creative in making regular bar soaps into various shapes and colors. You can add scent to your products as well.

9.Tie & Dye


Tie-dyeing is a creative way of adding personality to fabrics. With the inclusion of African arts into the fashion industry, this is a craft that can eventually earn you lots of money if you are passionate about it.

10. Blogging:

With the increase of technological gadgets, there are a large number of people across the globe that spends their free time blogging.

Your blog could be on anything that interests you, whether it is cooking, sports, movies, books and even music. No matter what the blog is about or how unconventional you think it is, if you learn the basics of blogging and can write well to make your blog interesting, you will attract readers.

Are there other crafts people can learn during their free time? I would love to read your thoughts in the comments section.

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