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A Fun Way to Make New Year’s Resolutions


I am very good at making New Year’s Resolutions. By half of the year, you would see me struggling to go through with it.

This is usually because it feels more like a chore. This year, I decided to go about it in a more fun way. I would try to do some benefial habits more and other things habits less.
Here are things I’d do MORE this year,

  • Reading Books
  • Saying My Opinions
  • Portion Control of food
  • Building my relationship with Christ
  • Self-love and Care
  • Dancing
  • Learning new words


  • Alcohol
  • Fidgeting with my phone
  • Grouching/complaining about dumb things
  • Worrying so much about my future
  • Being angry with my dad
  • People Pleasing

I know my resolutions are not perfect but I am happy with it.

What would you write on your list? I would LOVE to hear.

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