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How To Stop Being Overwhelmed with Your New Goals

Do you have a goal that you have started working towards, but you are just so overwhelmed with it that you don’t know where or how to start, and even your next step?
Perhaps you are starting a new business and you are trying to create a good logo, get your social media running, your website up, along with several other things you need to sort in your life.

No matter what the stage of life you are in, everyone usually gets overwhelmed when trying out something new. Below, are 3 important steps you need to use to ensure that what you are doing does not stress you or drive you into the panic zone.

Step 1:

Identify your ultimate goal and be very clear about it. If you are setting a time period , ask yourself if the deadline you set to achieve it is necessary or even healthy.
For example, “I want to lose 50kg in a month.” This is not realistic and most importantly it is not healthy.
If your goal is a long-term goal, it is probably a good idea if you set a smaller goal first that would lead you to achieve the bigger picture.
A deadline can be a double-edged sword. It will give you the push to act that you need but if you start off overestimating your progress, you will end up feeling discouraged. And once you are discouraged, you are prone to giving up.
You will need to ask yourself why you want to reach a specific goal? Are you going to be happy when you reach that goal eventually, no matter how long it takes?

Step 2:Pinchofchelwork, work, work to achieve the goal

Consistency is Key. Start with a small task you can stick to. When it becomes a habit and you’re not struggling to stick to it, you can increase the level of actions, this way you, will not be overwhelmed with too many new tasks right at the start. Get comfortable with small changes, then continue to change your lifestyle slowly that will help you reach the goal you want.
There is no point taking on the extra tasks when you haven’t adapted to the new lifestyle, because you will feel overwhelmed, and overloaded. If the tasks you chose at the start didn’t work for you, swap them for something else.

Step 3:List-your-goals-pinch-of-chelTo be more efficient, create a prioritised to-do list. Separate your list into urgent and important goals. Urgent goals are those with deadlines, and important tasks are those that provide positively impact your goal.The idea is to clear up the urgent goals and move on to the important goals.Eventually,you would have fewer goals, then you would feel less anxious and overwhelmed.
An example of an urgent goal would be watching your favourite show on TV as it airs when you could record it or catch the replay online.

To sum it up, when you start a new goal, identify your ultimate goal and why you want to achieve it. Find a small task that you can start and easily stick to so you can stay consistent with the goal . Once you have some routine going, add on the different tasks you need to do and prioritise them by urgency and importance.

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