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5 Tricks To Have A Better Tasting Wine

You have some friends over at your house. After offering them a nice tasty meal you want to wash down the food— with wine.
Here is a fast and snappy trick you can try anywhere to make that wine taste even better.
1) Drink it cold.

Instead of using ice cubes to make the wine cold, replace the ice cubes with wine cubes. The wine cubes are easy to make. Replace the water in the icetray with wine. And voila, you have wine cubes and a not so watered down wine.

2)Store your wine sideways in your refrigerator.

This will not only make it last longer, it also prevents premature oxidation and leaves the wine tasting better.

3) Add some fruits.

There’s no better way to revamp the taste or remove the sour taste of your wine than adding a few slices of fruits to it. You could add a sice of fresh pineapple, apple, or orange to add a dash of sweetness and to infuse flavour.

4) Add Fizzy drinks to it.

Your fizzy drinks can be your soda, fantastic, Coca-Cola or Fayrouz. Adding something fizzy and bubbly would tone down the unpleasant taste of the wine.

5) Mix It.

The trick in mixing two wines together is that you should mix wine that are similar in taste. You can also mix a wine with an awful taste with a mare tasty wine. This would change the taste of the wine you do not like.

Images: Getty Images, 123RF.

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