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How To Give Your Kitchen The Expensive Look It Deserves

Have you ever tried cooking and there is usually no motivation to enter your kitchen and start the work?

Or, do you prefer eating out and never have the motivation to cook up a meal?

The problem might be in the aura you get from your kitchen.

If you are Nigerian, why not invest in decorating your kitchen and not only the living room or places where visitors get to see.

My dad has always been keen on having a good looking kitchen.

It was from him I learnt to make my kitchen a place that I  would love spending time in. You would be surprised of the taste of food that would come out of the place.

Add these tips and give your kitchen that expensive look it deserves.

Make A Statement With Your Lighting:

image via DC Home photos

Your kitchen’s lighting should not be anything that goes. It must be well thought of because your choice can influence the overall look of the kitchen.
The right kind of lighting can help when taking images for the gram or for social media.
It can also change the entire look of your kitchen, by giving it either a cheap or expensive look.

Use Warm/ Lighter Colours:


image via

According to Hgtv, warmer colors such as red are believed to stimulate the appetite and are an excellent colour option for your kitchen.

Lighter wall colours create an airy and inviting atmosphere, which in turn would give it that expensive look you are aiming for.

Add Wall Art Designs:

You add wall arts to your room and parlour. Why not add wall art to your kitchen?
You can turn your favorite words or quotes into art.

See some samples below:


image via


image via

Create A View:


image via

Creating a view does not necessary mean you should setting up structures. You can create fake view outside your kitchen using window appliqués.

Or, you can hang tall trees outside your kitchen window to create the illusion of a warm space.

Add A Fruit / Vegetable Bowl


Bright fruits give your kitchen an attractive livable look

You want an expensive look right? Fruits/vegetable make your kitchen look healthy and this translates to an expensive look.

Update /Renovate Your Kitchen

There is no fixed period when you should renovate your kitchen? It does not need to be every year.

If you are using a wooden cabinet, and you notice that termites have started eating the wood….this calls for a renovation.

If your kitchen paints are spotter with cooking oil marks, and it looks very unattractive. *smiles* Your kitchen crys for a repaint.

You can also decide to go for a new look by completely changing your drawers, plate racks, bowls, tables, furniture, everything.

Something must not be spoilt or damaged in the kitchen before you change it.

Declutter Your Counter

You need to keep your table counter free from small appliances.

You can bring them out from storage when you need to use it.

Or, only keep one appliance you use daily on the counter.

Was this post helpful? Have you learnt how to change  your kitchen from a 0 to a 100 relaxing quick?  Comment below!

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